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    In any games, there are no winners without losers. If you win money in a game, there must be uncertainty that the outcome probably depends on some sort of luck. While board games, such as chess, depend completely on player skill, an amateur player would never challenge a professional player since the outcome seems apparently obvious.
    Texas Hold’em, one of the most popular poker games, is totally different from other casino games. Your main opponents are other players on the same table, not the house. Each player can also be a dealer. Poker game requires a lot of skill. If Dominoes is considered about 60% luck and 40% skill, then poker game is 40% luck and 60% skill. You may have good or bad luck sometimes. Therefore, the outcome of poker game is determined by skill in the long run.
    How can you become a winning poker player?
    Here are some traits that a winning poker player must focus on.
    1. Be Patient. Texas Hold’em requires a great patience. You may feel really boring when you get a string of bad cards and keep folding. Some players who lose patience start playing unworthy hands which is usually the main reason that leads to money loss in poker.
    2. Blank Expression. Any outward signals of worry or joy will tip your opponents off that you have a good or bad hand. Prevent yourself from demonstrating a reaction to your cards. Some players wear sunglasses and baseball caps to conceal their emotion. Poker face that means showing no emotion on face rose out of poker game. In Conquer Online, you worry less about this, but you still need to change your betting patterns to keep your opponent guessing.
    3. Set Goals and Limits. Before sitting down at a poker table, set your targets including the winning goal, the loss limit, and gaming time. When any of the targets reaches the limit, you can consider another play, such as Show Hand. The goals can be flexible according to the actual situation. If you are having good luck, seize the opportunity to win more. If not, do not hesitate to leave.
    4. Self-Control. The ability to control your emotions is very important for you to make correct decisions from time to time in poker. Sometimes, bad luck makes the situation worse in which you are more likely to get emotionally affected to make betting mistakes.
    5. Long-Term Vision. Take a long-term view and do not care too much about loss at a moment. Loss is quite common that might just happen no matter how skillful you are. Keep yourself calm and collected, and then seize the opportunity to make big bets.
    6. Be Persistent. Good luck will come to those who wait. As long as you persist, you will win. Decrease your bet properly when you lose, and make big bets when you get an opportunity to turn over the trend.
    7. Make No Mistake. It’s said your profit in Texas Hold’em poker from the mistakes your opponents make, especially when players at the table are equal in skill. You can consider proper raises or all-in bets to entice your opponent to make mistakes. In the game, the one who makes the least mistakes makes the most money.
    If you acquire these traits and put forth your sincere efforts, you are sure to succeed in Texas Hold’em poker.

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