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Scorpion Jun 2, 2017

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    Dear Leaguers,

    the Calls of Duty tournament reached an end. Congratulations to all our brave Siege participants who fought valiantly to capture as many siege bases as possible.
    The winners are:

    1st pace: hYed
    2nd place: That was easy
    3rd place: sYndicateXD

    On further note, the participation rewards has been sent to anyone who played at least 1 match.
    The pen rewards are:

    1 match(es) played: 5000 pen
    2 match(es) played: 10000 pen
    3 match(es) played: 15000 pen

    You can also check out the You have to login and like this post in order to see this link!

    Many thanks to xNevan00 who did a fantastic job in organizing the first player-created tournament, with hopefully many more to come!

    We hope that everyone enjoyed participating and we hope to see you participate in future tournaments.

    your S4league Team

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