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Scorpion Jul 5, 2017

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    Attention Mercenaries

    Are you ready to win different weapons and show your best skills? You cannot miss this chance! The Ready for the Summer event brings a new variety of VIP weapons if you play from July 5th until July 13thfor 30 minutes each day! The weapons are:

    July 5th: Thompson-Infernal Dragon 1 Day
    July 6th: AK-47-Knife-Iron Beast 1 Day
    July 7th: M82A1-Iron Shark 1 Day
    July 8th: M4A1-S-Predator 1 Day
    July 9th: Infernal Dragon 1 Day
    July 10th: KUKRI-Beast 1 Day
    July 11th: Desert Eagle-Obsidian Beast 1 Day
    July 12th: M4A1-S-Obsidian Beast 1 Day
    July 13th: AWM-Infernal Dragon 1 Day

    Play, win and enjoy!

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