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    I am pleased to introduce you "GM White Magic's Pistol Battles"!
    In this event you will play with your GM! [​IMG]

    Tuesday December 15, 2015
    Start: 7:30 PM CET
    End: 8:30 PM CET

    Countdown to start time

    The Gamemode will be Single battle - 30 wins.
    10 players per game + GM White Magic.
    Rule is Pistols only, no grenades.

    Password for the room will be announced via Power Host.
    A player can participate only once.

    Danger Zone (NA East) Server Channel 10

    Top fragger at the end of the game will get: WB Valentine Double MK23 (5 pcs)

    All the other participants will get: 5000 SP Coupon

    * If you did not get prize from this event send in a PM to GM Smash or GM White Magic with Codename you played under in the event / Aeria User ID !

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