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    The battle between CO Classic Powers and CO New Powers has begun from July 27th.

    In the First Round, CO New Power has a big lead by improving the quantity of graphs. Compared with Classic CO, the graphics of Building, Character, NPC, Monsters have improved significantly.

    In the second Round, we were provided more pictures and videos to heroes .

    In the third Round,All players will be able to obtain items from the quest in-game that can be submitted to your support power.

    After 3 rounds, total 47 days, we not only shared the sweet memories CO brought us but also witness the promising future. With your discussions on our Facebook page, we have received a lot of valued suggestions. All of your supports will help us keep moving forward for the better!

    With the result of Battle of Generations, it’s clear that heroes are more connected to the graphic upgrades we are about to release. We are grateful for your recognitions and will do our best to continue improving the game.

    To celebrate the coming new update, we make a special logo for a brand new experience! Conquer Online 3.0 New, is waiting for you!


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