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Scorpion Jun 2, 2017

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    Attention Troopers!

    The finale of Point Blank Singapore & Malaysia will be grand and we’ll make sure you’ll take away the best last memories from the team!

    The event will commence right after the Top Up & Cash Shop closure and will be carried until the full closure date.

    Event Date:

    31st May 2017, Wednesday 12PM ~ 28th June 2017, Wednesday 12PM

    Event Details:

    Once you login to the game during the event period, you’ll be greeted with various Cash items at your disposal!

    Below are the items that’ll be given out during the event.


    Toy Series

    • AUG A3 Toy
    • Kriss S.V Toy
    • L115A1 Toy
    • C.Python Toy
    Demonic Series

    • AUG A3 Demonic
    • Kriss S.V Demonic
    • CheyTac M200 Demonic
    • Death Scythe Demonic
    Christmas 2015 Series

    • AUG A3 X-Mas 2015
    • Sc-2010 X-Mas 2015
    • Kriss S.V X-Mas 2015
    • OA-93 X-Mas 2015
    • CheyTac M200 X-Mas 2015
    • Tactilite T2 X-Mas 2015
    • Cane Gun
    • Cane Shotgun
    Sakura Series

    • AUG A3 Sakura
    • AK SOPMOD Sakura
    • Kriss S.V Sakura
    • CheyTac M200 Sakura
    • C.Python Sakura
    • Fang Blade Sakura

    • Arabian Sword
    • Badminton Racket
    • Ballistic Kinfe
    • Bamboo Spear
    Function Item

    • Colour Nickname
    • C4 Speed Kit
    • +1 Grenade Slot
    • 20% Quick Respawn

    • Nurse
    • Santa
    • Vacance Swimsuit
    • Bunny Girl

    If you missed the closure notice, please follow the link below:

    You have to login and like this post in order to see this link

    Over and Out,

    PointBlank Team

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